Windmax vs. car PMA Wind Turbines

May 16, 2011 by  
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A look at the Windmax HY400 power performance as compared to a plastic sword bladed car PMA system. Note: Not ONE of the car PMA turbine suppliers has posted a video proving their power claims. That should tell you something. If you do buy from them, use Paypal, otherwise you can kiss your money goodbye.

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9 Responses to “Windmax vs. car PMA Wind Turbines”

    Can you look at the Presto Wind PMA setup? I bought the 1000 watt unit.

  2. Fearlessthinker says:

    @JANDLWOODWORKING I suspect you have it all connected correctly. What are you finding out?

  3. leamyvideo says:

    Thanks buddy great video. i would also like to point out a few other things.The baldes are numbered. They each have a specific spot to be placed on the hub. They are bulit very heavy duty with a marine finish and they do have drain holes on the bottom of the pma. They also do not vibrate at all. The WM also looks like a real wind turbine and preforms like one, just what they say no gimics Has any one seen WM bash anyone.. HMM I am a very happy owner and they are my first choice for micro wind.

  4. MrSciencePHD says:

    I do know those plastic blades do not hold their form over time, especially with heat, so a person’s turbine power will degrade over time if they use them. Some good info on the TLG turbine site on these type blades too. His test results were not good! Thanks again. Ed.

  5. islaguy100 says:

    good video fearless.. thanks for putting my name in your video, but if anyone has any questions about the windmax your best to ask Al, Larry, or Laidofftomass. later fearless..

  6. islaguy100 says:

    they helped me out…


    I don’t have it flying yet almost ready to.

  8. Scamsearcher1 says:

    Are’nt all these videos against missouri wind and solar ? Same ol group commenting on your hate missouri wind vids.I ‘am starting to think you personaly have something against them, You do push Windy Nation ALOT. I thought you were unbiased and fair.

  9. Fearlessthinker says:

    @Scamsearcher1 Nice try Jeff, but thanks for stopping by. Yes, Windy Nation does make a good turbine that does deliver the advertised power. A good honest American company, just like Windblue.

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